Finance and extraordinary transactions area

OnePartner can offer companies a significant support by means of its specific set of skills and tools, which streamline the setting up and implementing stages of their development and reorganization plans, through innovative accounting and business management services.

We handle ordinary and extraordinary transactions and any required preparatory actions for mergers and acquisitions, advise start-ups and innovative businesses, and manage turnaround and bankruptcy procedures.

In particular, OnePartner can support its clients from the initial planning and set-up stages of extraordinary corporate transactions and provide the necessary assistance during preliminary negotiations, for the examination of the tax and corporate aspects of the transaction and the relevant implementation up to the closing of extraordinary transactions such as:

  • acquisitions/sales of shareholdings, companies and business units;
  • mergers, demergers, contributions, transformations, company and business unit leases and liquidations.

Assistance in the planning stages of financial and corporate structures may also be offered in connection with reorganisation plans for groups of companies aimed at pursuing business objectives and may also be extended to the management of all tax and corporate obligations connected with the various steps of any such extraordinary transaction.

OnePartner is able to provide specialized advice for the management of corporate crises, and in particular handles financial and asset crises, with settlements or liquidations, including out-of-court settlements, along with assistance during negotiations with the parties involved (creditor banks, suppliers and clients), corporate restructuring and reorganization, in short all of the actions aimed at the rescue and industrial recovery of a company in crisis; we offer advice and assistance in choosing the most appropriate bankruptcy procedure to manage the company’s crisis and we support the entrepreneur throughout the entire bankruptcy process.


  • Balance sheet analysis and valuation of assets and companies
  • Assistance in extraordinary transactions
  • Assistance to investors
  • Advice and assistance on transactions preparatory to mergers and acquisitions
  • Advice to start-ups and innovative businesses, including concerning applicable tax incentives
  • Turnaround and bankruptcy procedures