OnePartner stands alongside start-ups that become companies

12 May 2022

OnePartner celebrates the birth of a new company AdapTronics srl engaged in the production and marketing of innovative electro-adhesive gripping solutions in the industrial and aerospace sectors. OnePartner followed every stage of the operation: from the evaluation of the intellectual property, to the strategic aspects of the business plan and shareholder agreements, all actions preparatory to the incorporation.

Thanks to Ing. Gavino Boringheri and Francesco Trimboli, Chartered Accountant, OnePartner pooled its skills in the strategic, tax and legal areas to accomplish an integrated action for the founders’ business, who were able rely on a single counterpart to coordinate the entire operation.

Engineer Gavino Boringheri comments: “The Adaptronics operation precisely epitomizes OnePartner’s mission in favour of the growth of start-ups and tech companies: indeed, we all know the importance of innovation to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, where the development of production, industrial and communication processes is strategic for the growth of companies and of our country, and how crucial it is to be able to rely on a trustworthy multidisciplinary partner like OnePartner, who is able to manage, in a creative and functional way, different aspects of an issue simultaneously to attain the intended goals