Labour relations advice

OnePartner’s employment experts handle the many statutory obligations connected with employment, welfare and social security matters regarding personnel management, in particular by dealing with all statutory obligations placed on employers with regard to both the processing of monthly pay slips and the calculation of contributions due, in addition to employee management. 

The continuing evolution of provisions of law in labour, accounting and tax matters requires timely updates, which we provide on a regular basis to the companies we assist.

The ensuing changes in the organizational models of companies and all the related extraordinary events which cannot be planned in advance highlight how an employment expert consultant has an increasingly important role for the strategic choices of companies and must of necessity integrate with the advice provided by lawyers and chartered accountants. 

At the forefront of the process leading to the digital transformation of the workplace and in order to guarantee the correct performance of professional activities even in extraordinary and unpredictable situations (e.g. the Covid-19 pandemic period), OnePartner’s employment experts promptly step in to meet employers’ needs, also with regard to the effects that insolvencies and corporate restructuring transactions may have on the workforce, aided in this by the support offered by the multidisciplinary environment of OnePartner that brings to the table also the expertise of lawyers and chartered accountants.


  • Statutory classification of a company and its employees
  • Payroll and contributions processing
  • Social security and insurance obligations
  • Technical advice on labour matters
  • Technical advice in the event of litigation